ESC Region 13

ESC Region 13 wanted to redesign their out-of-date website. I helped lead the content refresh, including writing compelling calls to action, updating our content style guide, and placing more of a marketing focus on their website content.

Project background

The content restructuring strategy worked hand in hand with the website redesign and brand redesign processes. Working together with the design and communications team, we first interviewed employees and stakeholders to understand their content needs and goals for their marketing content.

After understanding stakeholders’ content needs and goals, I worked with page scrapers to get a full accounting of all active pages. We then compared those pages with annual Google Analytics data to understand which pages received traffic and which didn’t.

Once we had a full accounting of historical content we worked with our UI/UX designer to create a new, more user friendly, content structure and architecture. The result was a decrease in standalone pages and an increase in grouped content around a shared goal or theme. From there we created page templates based on the content’s positioning in our overall hierarchy.

With these primary landing pages created, we then moved onto creating new landing page templates for marketing-based assets like contract pages, workshop pages, and conference pages. For these pages we prioritized content structure that clearly highlighted dates, prices, and key details, and provided compelling calls to action.

Finally, with all page templates created, I worked with SMEs across departments and teams to create the final landing page content. Together we drafted new content and rewrote old content to fit our new company-wide style guide.

Skills used

  • Copyediting
  • Copywriting
  • Content strategy

Programs used


Active pages before restructure.


Active pages after restructure.

Here’s what that looked like

Samples of our content treatment, including new calls to action, grouped seasonal categories, and new landing pages.

A few indicators of success

Overall, the entire design and communication team updated a total of 300+ content records, created new landing page templates, and established a new tone, voice, and style guide.

The final results of the restructure and reorganization was an overall increase in site visibility, organic site traffic, and an increase in total ranking keywords.

Increase in overall site visibility
0 %
Increase in keywords in top 10
0 %
Increase in organic site traffic
0 %