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Lifeskills Radio

I developed a roll out plan for The Education Service Center, Region 13’s first official podcast, Life Skills Radio. We focused on initially releasing episodes all at once, to take advantage of educators open summers. We then focused our follow up advertisement on providing weekly emails with supplemental content that makes their listening experience more enjoyable.

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Charter School Summer Summit

The Charter School Summer Summit took place in June and brought together charter schools throughout Texas for a three day conference. I crafted the event page, marketing materials, and marketing plan for the conference of 400+ people.

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Cookie Magick

I worked with local business Cookie Magick to craft their custom cookie descriptions, along with other pieces of content for their site.

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TX Mental Health Conference

Created the brand identity and marketing plan for the Texas Mental Health Conference at the Education Service Center Region 13. Our strategy was to bring Mental Health out in the open by creating a brand that’s bright, colorful, and optimistic.

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